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It's gunna take a bit to get through this next transition of my life. I need stability, I need change, I need for mNnny life to start and only I can start it.  I've tried to gain back the childhood and teenage years o felt I had lost. Most of the things that have happened in my  life forced me to grow up in many ways. I lived it and fucked up in the process, I learned from my mistakes. I want to put them behind me and move on to better things and be an adult.

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Bad things happen to us that change the way we see the world and other people, but it's your drive, wit and intellent that pull you through and make you successful. Thankfully, my dear one, you have a plethora of all three. Although I support your life from afar recently, I am still one of your biggest fans. I love you and I know you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to...Dr./Senator/Attorney Kennedy. You've got brains and street smarts to spare kid. Sometimes people are hard on you because they know you are better, worth putting time into, worth telling how things are. You are worth it Sarah. Go conquer the world. I'm still behind you.

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