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A new age.

A new age has come I am now a woman, I now see the red and who I am is clear.
I am now out of the stem and have blossomed, now seeing what is to come I am literally in fear.
Scared to allow people of question to enter into my life and hurt me like I was once before
To leave me stranded in the corners of my mind, taking every step and every breath feeling unsure.
A flame had burst in the midst of the night, He was the one I thought that would save me and love me.
He came at the best and worst time in my life, He was the one I thought would tame me and trust me.
He found my heart at play with my vulnerability when I was face first into the blood of my tears
I tried to walk away and lied to him everyday, He found my weakness and whispered it for me to hear
His three worded phrase was a load of questions unanswered and unbelievable to say the least
I stayed for the lust of the game, lost the gamble, it was all in slow motion till my whole life ceased.
Upside down with no words to complete the visual of the two lines that decided my life.
There was no hesitation to the choice of the decisions made, It was love at first sight.
It was not a surprise at the back turned from the man that played me like a broken record.
Although this man had my untamed & immature heart It is my new and renewed soul that I have given the Lord.
I have grown over the time of the birth of my little brown eyed girl and have the love of new family
The words you once said stained my heart till I understood its strength as it finally flys freely
A new age has come I am now a woman, I now see the light and who I am is clear.