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(no subject)
Sun hitting the side of my face while walking towards the shade
The wind hitting the trees as the leaves drift away
Water being splashed as boats pass by on the open water
Out enjoying the summer day every son, father and daughter.

Walking down pasture trying to figure out my future
I know I need to realize what right in front of me.

I realize the fear that lies within your eyes
I feel the same way i'm leaving everything behind.
to start a new day and make myself

Look at us now we've made it were past those hard times my immaturity is fading
You've done right by me you the best dad I'll ever have I wish that you could see that..
You always say that i
I never knew I could be capable of such love until I came into my own
You've shown me the to who I am deep inside...what you've always known
You always knew I was better than what I was giving

When I lose myself I always know where to turn, I can always count on you and know that you'll be there
when my life changed you were there when i'm crying you always care
When everything wasn't how I thought it would be you said You are always on my side

You give all your strength to me when I weaken
You belief in me that I can do better makes me stronger

Dear dad you have been through everyhing with me and for the longest time I have dependedn on you not knowing what to do with my self i am ready to break free. You have fought through the hard times and continued o love me I felt as if I wasn;t worthy of your love and didn;t know what to do at times.  God graced me with the
I wanna thank you fr everything you've done, for sticking through everything thick and thin I always got a second chance an I love you so much

I never thought i'd be so lucky I never thought