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to pearl and dinah
I met both of you girls around this time and then I think I was about fourteen years old however then I didn't know the kind of effect you would eventually have on me. I love you two greatly and completely. God has given me one of the best abilities anyone could ever ask for which a heart that will only continue to grow. In my earlier years I always knew there was a part of my heart that had been missing however I never knew it would be you that would fill that hole and I got the amazing chance to be able to be a great part in both of your growing lives and I am incredibly, lucky, and graciously touched that I am loved by each of you and that love goes to many ways to count. You girls reminded me of all of the love I have yet to give and my heart not only carries you but your younger sister your mom and dad and the rest of the family. You girls light up my life and heart each time and always leave an impression on anyone that you meet. Your personalities are still to be figured out but that's what I love, and it's that I learn something new each day about you girls and you definitely keep me on my toes and guessing.
It's been three years and I will still continue counting...
It's been a wonderful three years your aunty / sister / saree barree will always love you.

forever and always.