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(no subject)
So summer is obviously reaching it's last week, labor day is coming up and I am literally having so many mixed emotions.
September is always that part of the year where you know summer's over and the year is closing in. September is also the start of a new school year and this time I'm obviously not worrying about my first day outfit or my first day for that matter. This summer has been my new start for many things in becoming that more mature person I've been working towards. I will be turning 18 this upcoming Octobre !! I told my dad it wasn't a big deal for many reasons and now that its like 4 weeks away I am so psyched and ready. My mom has recently been a part of my life and "the girls'" life.This time around it has mostly been for them and I am not complaining at all because that's all I wanted however some may disagree and think its weird that we are not presently working on us but thats another story. I'm going to be 18 and I think that the time for mothering has been up for quiet some time so I'm not looking for that anymore. Susan has been such a great woman and mother towards me and has shown me so much love than I would've ever expected or asked for. I've also been keeping myself busy and this summer I've taken on so many things such as my explorer program, kickboxing, and just working on me. I've made some pre-summer goals and I am proud to say they have been accomplished. I'm losing weight from my pregnancy and stress weight I also feel so much confident in myself and my future.